What is IM?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | IM: Internet Marketing

IM is an abbreviation for Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is the whole process of making money by using the internet. Note that marketing usually has a slightly narrower definition, that of the business processes used by organisations to generate sales leads.

IM now means all the processes of generating income from online activities whether from AdSense, from Affiliate marketing, the sale or creation of information products or from selling physical goods directly or via sites like ebay.

One advantage of IM over other business activities is that there are absolutely minimal costs associated with start up and thus minimal risks. In fact you can start an online business for nothing provided you have access to the internet.

One way to do this is to write articles about products or services you are an affiliate of and publish them on a free blog. Anyone who clicks on a link in your blog who then goes on to buy the product will earn you a commission.

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