What is a StatCounter?
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StatCounter is a free web traffic logging service that lets you find out how many visitors your site is getting, where they are in the world, which browser they use and how many times they have visited your site.

It also importantly will tell you what keywords they entered to find your site if they found it via a search engine or which domain name they were on if they got to your site via a link.

If you have an interest in web traffic, and you should, then StatCounter is an excellent way to start finding out what is going on. The sad truth is that most websites get very little traffic and so they struggle to make any money. StatCounter will tell you the brutal facts of what is going on with your own site.

StatCounter works by installing a small piece of code into every page of your site (excepts those that you don't want to track). Whenever one of those pages is viewed this bit of code runs a very quick program that tells the StatCounter servers that it has been viewed. Software running on the StatCounter servers then processes this data and stores it for you. You can then log in to your StatCounter account to see a history of what has been going on.

One of the features of StatCounter that I like is the ability it gives you to view the physical locations of visitors to your site. For example when I send out emails using my autoresponder, I can quickly see as people in Australia, the US, New Zealand, Germany, Turkey, Russia and South Africa etc. start to view any web pages on my sites that I have mentioned.

If you open a StatCounter account you can start to see web traffic trends and work out whether you should do some advertising to increase your web traffic or consider buying some.

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