What is a Squeeze Page?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages are web pages that are designed to get people to provide their contact details above all else. This information is then used to market to them, often automatically with an autoresponder.

They all include subscription forms and as a minimum ask for your name and email address.

Effective squeeze page design can have a dramatic impact on an online business and the strongest can get over 20% of all visitors signing up.

Behind the form on a squeeze page there is usually an autoresponder which takes the data provided and ads it to an emailing list. At the same time, the subscriber is often taken to a "thank you" page where they are thanked for signing up and may receive a subscription gift such as a downloadable pdf file containing useful information.

Many business make mistakes with squeeze pages by not focusing on the most wanted response which is to get the visitor to subscribe. This process should be tested thoroughly to maximise sign up rates if you want to grow your business faster and become more profitable.

There are a number of squeeze page services available online now that effectively help you build and test your own squeeze page and provide a series of good quality templates that you can use instead of paying for a designer.

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