Selling domain names

Simple question for you: do you have a few domain names that you are not using?

Want to know how much your domains name are worth?

Making money with domain names

Domain names can make you money in two ways:

  1. you can sell your domains via a domain auction site
  2. you can park your domains on website that pay you for ads that appear on your parked pages

Google provides a domain parking service via AdSense but it isn't available globally.

So if you happen to have a domain name spare, consider placing it with a system that will let you earn a bit of money from it. You never know, you might even bet an offer from someone looking to buy it off you.

Some domain names of course are worth a great deal but, whilst the obvious ones have gone, there are lots of valuable domain names still available. Recently there's also been a scramble for the new .tel domain names, available from Telnic.

Domain name parking and auction service

One of the best domain name parking and auction sites is called SEDO.

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