Negative keyword list

Every negative keyword that stops your Adwords ads from being displayed can save you many dollars. Some negative keywords are obvious such as "free". Others can reduce the amount of traffic you pay for that is not keen to spend money such as "discount", "bargain", "cheapest" etc.

But a full list of negatives can really save you a lot of cash and boost the ROI of your pay per click advertising substantially. This particularly applies if you are doing any geotargeting in your AdWords campaigns.

The negative keyword maths

Remember the inclusion of a single effective keyword that stops 5 clicks a year that would otherwise cost you 50c each will save you $2.50. And all it takes is for you to copy a good negative keyword list and paste it into your Campaigns or Ad Groups - a job that takes about 4 minutes.

If you add 50 good negatives you could save over $100. It's that simple.

The best way to move forward with negative keywords is to build your list up over time. Note that different negative keywords may be appropriate for different Campaigns or Ad Groups within a Campaign.

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