What is a Organic Search?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Organic Search

Organic search is the internet marketing term used to describe search results that appear on the Search Engine Results page that are not Sponsored or Paid links. It is also called Natural Search too.

In many ways the best traffic to get coming to your site if organic search traffic because it is free and if you can get your site to rank highly for good keywords that are searched for by a lot of people with money to spend you should be able to make significant profits.

The trouble with organic search results is that it is often very limited unless you have an extensive website that captures a lot of long tail traffic or you have got your site strongly positioned in the search engine rankings.

Your position in the organic search reslts can also jump around a lot as the search engines adjust their ranking algorithms from time to time.

Getting high up in the natural search results is the chief goal of search engine optimisation but it is valuable keyword searches that you need to rank highly for rather than search phrases used by people who are not going to spend any money.

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