What are Membership Sites?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Membership Sites

Membership sites are websites that you need to register with in order to get access to the information or service that they provide.

Internet Marketers like to create membership sites because they have the major attraction of generating recurring automatic income.

For example, suppose a site provides a high value training course that consists of articles, audio recordings and videos that are delivered monthly, it is easy to create a membership site to sell access to this material by using membership site software. Subscribers would pay, typically via PayPal or Clickbank both of whom provide a repeat billing service.

To help encourage subscriptions many membership sites offer initial access for a low price such as $1 before charging the full amount a month later.

Technically one challenge with membership or continuity sites is to avoid people downloading all the content of the site during the trial period. The best way to do this can be simply to deliver content sequentially starting on the day of the initial sign up. This can be done by sending out links to the content using an autoresponder. If the links are not guessable then such content is only made accessible once the subscriber receives the autoresponder email. So to deliver new content monthly you just need to set up an email sequence that is delivered monthly.

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