What is Link Building?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Linking Strategy

Link Building is the process of getting links to your website. Many website owners take this aspect of Search Engine Optimisation very seriously because it is known that the number and quality of links pointing to your website can have a big impact on where your site ranks on search results pages.

There are many techniques people use to build links. Article Marketing can help distribute links to your site on article sites. Link exchanges can be used to get relevant sites to link back to your own. Link building systems like 3WayLinks can automatically build hundreds of links to your site. Some webmasters manually hunt down relevant websites to do mutual link exchanges where they offer a link to a third party's site in return for a link to their own.

Generally if you can get high ranking sites to link to your own site the value of such links will be higher than those from low ranking sites. When assessing the rank or importance of sites internet marketers tend to focus on PageRank which is Google's own measure of the importance of a site. PageRank is calculated very accurately and applies to each page of your site and not just your domain's home page.

An important aspect of link building is to get keywords relevant to your site included in your incoming links. For example, if you sell iPhones, you want your incoming links to include words like "iPhone Deals", "iPhone Hints and Tips" rather than bland words like "More Info".

There are many tools on the market to help you with link building including SEO Elite. These can help you explore what your competitors are doing in terms of search engine optimisation and also semi-automate the process of exchanging links.

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