What is KeywordSpy?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | KeywordSpy Competitor Research Tool

KeywordSpy is a keyword tool that lets you find out which keywords your competitors are advertising against in AdWords. So if you want to know what keywords your competitors are using, this is for you.

KeywordSpy is easy to use and good value in that by spying on your competitors AdWords and keyword lists you can save yourself the cost of having to research keywords yourself and find out which ones are profitable and which are not.

The best way to learn more about how KeywordSpy works is to take a quick look. You will probably also get good value from it if you sign up for a month's subscription and do lots of research work quickly.

To begin with just try the free version though.

Heavy users may find it sensible to carry on subscribing for longer not least because competitor behavour changes overtime and it is usually worth tracking changes.

 Spy On Your Competitors - KeywordSpy

Is it worth it? Well the cost of keyword research can be enormous and so KeywordSpy can save you a lot of money but never forget that each website is different and keywords that work for one site really well may not perform quite as well for another.

However, KeywordSpy will accelerate you through the often costly learning process and so usually it makes good commercial sense to use it. It isn't particularly expensive and for most businesses, finding a single keyword that your competitors seem to be using a lot is likely to result in extra business for you that will more than pay for it. However, that depends on the market you are in.

For new businesses or for businesses getting into a new market, KeywordSpy is almost certainly worth it because it lets you benefit from your competitors' keyword research - often something that has taken them years and cost them thousands. Ouch!

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