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Day 4

Hey, thanks for that!

By the way, you'll be getting a quick email asking you to comfirm that you want to opt in to a list now. You don't need to but if you do it will be much easier for me to review your top question.

In fact what you've just done is completed a very short online survey. Surveys like this are extremely useful tools for internet marketers because they tell you what your audience is interested in.

The fact is though that not many of the visitors to your website will ever complete a survey unless you give them a reason for doing so. In this case, the implied benefit for you is that the content of this training course will improve over time.

But it's worth considering how effective a survey like this is going to be and how that depends on the relationship you are building up with the visitors on your site.

To be effective a survey must generate responses.

If I had asked you to fill in a quick survey like that the first time you discovered this website I very much doubt you would have completed it. But now that you've returned to the site several times you probably felt much more comfortable doing so.

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