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Insider Tactics - Internet Marketing Training

Day 3

Yesterday we looked at the rather theoretical process of distributing your monetized pixels rounds the internet and saw how the more successfully you can do this, the more profitable your internet marketing business will be.

So we'll be looking at the ways people do this in depth because it is really what online marketing is all about.

However, one of the first things you are going to need is some means of creating your own Monetized Pixels in the first place.

What this really means is that you need to find something to sell. You may already have a very clear idea of what you intend to sell in which case a lot of what we're covering today may not be vital to your success but the principles are important no matter what online business you are in.

What to sell online

Nearly every internet marketer starts off with the idea of selling information products. Information products do have tremendous appeal: you don't need to hold stock, you don't need to pay for shipment, delivery can be automated and you can also set things up so that you capture the contact details of your customers automatically too. This latter point is very important because it enables you to continue to market to your customers automatically too using an autoresponder.

In a time when people don't want to invest any capital in starting up a new business, an internet business can be the perfect thing to get involved in. Apart from all the magical qualities described above, you can run an internet business from your home, and you can do it whenever you like. This of course means that you can start off whilst you have an existing job too. An ideal combination.

You could even run a business from a mobile although it would be hard going to begin with!

What not to sell

The mistake most people make however is in trying to sell an information product about internet marketing! The reason why most people start doing that is because it looks easy but in practice the market for info products about internet marketing is already swamped and you'll need to find a pretty unique angle on things to be successful.

This doesn't mean that information products should be avoided entirely at all. In fact they are often the best place to start and creating your own information product is nothing like as hard as you might think. Furthermore, once you have a product there are many ways to exploit it other than just selling it- as you'll find out soon.


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