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Insider Tactics - Internet Marketing Training

Day 2

Yesterday we looked at the three components of an online business: a domain name, a hosting service and some products.

Before we move forward with these, I think it is instructive to look on a fairly theoretical basis at what you are trying to achieve as someone who is trying to build an online business. The reason for this approach is that it underpins all Internet marketing techniques but is very rarely mentioned anywhere.

The underlying approach to online marketing is what I call Monetized Pixel Propagation or MPP. This is the principle that what an effective Internet marketer is really trying to do is get his monetized pixels on the screens and mobile phones/PDAs of as many people as possible who are likely to have an interest in his product.

A monetized pixel is simply a pixel or element of the screen that when clicked is capable of generating income. From now on I will refer to Monetized Pixels ast MPs.

To get away from this rather theoretical analysis for a moment let's just look at a few examples so you can see the concepts in action.

An order link

First is a link to an order page for a product you sell. What you want to do is get that link on as many computer screens as you can that are being used by people who are both able to pay for the product and who are likely to have an interest in the product too.

You need to satisfy both of these needs in order to make money. If your MP is on the screen of someone who isn't interested or who has no money, you can't generate income.

So your aim is always to find methods that identify and reach people with the money and the interest and then get your MPs onto those screens.

An AdSense ad

A second and slightly different example is where your MPs are in fact ads that can make you money. The classic case here is an AdSense ad. We will cover AdSense in detail later on but for the time being the MPs here are pixels within ads by Google and when someone reacts to ads on your website you make money. Again your job here is to scatter your ads onto a smany screens as possible to increase your income potential.

This case is different in that you can make money from people who do not have any money to spend because you get paid by the advertiser.

However no advertiser is going to carry on paying for ads on sites that don't make him any money indefinitely so there has to be some value exchange here where the visitors you send to his site do, on average, spend money with him.

This course - and an example of monetization

Right now, as you read these words I have placed pixels on your computer screen. These words are not monetized, but these ones are. See if you can work out how. It is in fact quite complex in this case.

So imagine a world in which your MP is on a vast number of screens and you have a money generating empire. In fact the business that comes closest to this is Google which has successfully managed to propagate monetized pixels in the form of ads on its search results page and on AdSense ads on over a million partner websites. Build a system that does that on even a small scale and you could be making big money.

We'll start working on this process in the next lesson.

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