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Insider Tactics - Internet Marketing Training


Day 1

The main purpose of this training course is to get you into a position where you understand how online businesses really work and where you are able to start generating income for yourself or your existing business.

The course is supported by online material on and you will learn and understand things faster if you read and think about the content of the emails as well as the information provided on the website.

To start off today, we will look at the characteristics of online businesses and see why they are so easy to start. We will also see why you don't need much money to set up an online business in the first place.

3 Essential Components

Online businesses essentially consist of a domain name, a website and some products or services that you sell either directly or on a commission basis.

As with any business you need to be able to deliver the goods or services you sell to your customers. This can either mean physically shipping goods or, in the case of information products, delivering them over the internet.

The role of your domain name and your website is to act like an online store with one very significant advantage: domain names and websites are much, much cheaper.  Furthermore, instead of having to pay rent for a store, on the internet all you need to do is make your website accessible to anyone online.

You do this by getting it hosted which is actually very easy to sort out.

Your Domain name

Your domain name acts crucially as two different things: first it is the name of your online business and secondly, it serves as the address of your online business too, both in terms of your email address and the way people access your site from a browser.

Your website

Your website is the equivalent of your store and shows the world what you sell. It can also be used to process payments, provide customer support and, just as importantly, to act as a pro-active but automatic marketing system.


Your hosting company connects your store to the internet so that anyone can access it. You pay a small hosting fee to do this instead of having to pay rent on a physical store.


So what sort of costs are we talking about? It always pays to shop around but generally domain names cost a few dollars a year and hosting a few dollars a month.

At this stage of the course there is no need to worry about how you set up a domain name etc. We will be covering that side of things later on. For now though, go and find out more about domain names and hosting. You'll find further information on these pages.

Domain names


Information Products

Best wishes

William Charlwood


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