What is a Copy?
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Copy is the term marketers use to describe the words, images, layout and graphics used on a web page or in an ad.

Good copy will generate high response rates in the sense that a greater fraction of people will take your most wanted action.

Poor copy will result in high bounce rates.

One of the problems people have with copy and copy writing is not really grasping just how important it is. But if you look at things in numeric terms you'll start to see the true value of good copy.

For example, suppose your website converts 1% of visitors into customers and then you employ the services of a first class copywriter who edges your conversion rate up to 1.5%.

Is that a big deal?

Yes. It's a massively huge deal. Here's why.

If you're website generated all your sales and you were selling $100,000 a year before you changed the copy, you're now doing $150,000 a year instead. And of course it gets better because your overheads are shared out amongst more orders now and so your average profitability per sale has gone up as well. In fact a 50% increase in sales nearly always generates a much larger increase in profitability.

So does this sound a realistic situation? It should do because good copy can easily boost response rates by that much which is why copywriting is such a key skill online. Of course the good news is that you don't have to be an expert copywriter yourself because you can hire good people. You can also pick up the basics quite fast.

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