What is Content?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Content on Websites

Content is everything that is on your website or in your emails such as words, images, audio and video.

For example, the content of this website includes all the words defined in the Internet Marketing Dictionary as well as the graphics, articles on the site, links to other pages and sites etc.

A rich content site is one that provides a lot of information of value, whether this is words, sounds or video. A poor content site is one that either doesn't contain much or contains information that is incorrect or very low level.

Search engines tend to like high or rich content sites because they deliver the information that users are searching for. For this reason, a good long-term search engine optimisation strategy is to build rich content sites often focused round a particular niche topic. Again as an example, this site is a resource about Internet Marketing and contains a lot of information about it.

To help build content many site owners used articles provided by other people either as a Private Label Rights (PLR) services, or by taking them from article directories.

In addition, tools have been developed to generate content automatically. For example, you can use RSS feeds to generate self-updating content on a site or you can use article spinning software that takes one article and turns it into lots of similar articles by replacing words with synonyms etc.

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