What is Call to Action?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Call to Action

A Call to action is a marketing term for the part of a web page or an ad that gets people to do whatever you want them to do next.

For example, on a web page you might want them to complete a form to subscribe to a newsletter or to buy something.

A strong Call to Action will substantially increase the conversion rate of your website. For example, I did a test once on the sales page for a video training product and used different versions of the call to action. The version that ended with the word NOW! as in Download ..... NOW! generated a significantly higher response rate than the version without the NOW!

So calls to action can be simple phrases like "Complete the form" or "Place your order now" or "Download this free report" etc. Whatever Call to action you use on your website you should test your results because one thing is absolutely certain and that is that different calls to action will generate different conoversion rates.

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