What is  Article Spinning?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Article Spinners

Article spinning is the process of creating multiple different articles from a single article source using software to substitute words and phrases with synonyms and synonymous alternatives.

Spun articles are then published around the internet in article directories, in blogs and on websites in order to increase the amount of unique content that exists online. Within these articles, internet marketers place links back to their own sites in order to improve their sites' rankings in the search engines and to capture traffic from searchers who read their articles on other sites.

Article spinners help combat the issue of duplicate content. It is thought that search engines penalise the SEO impact of content that appears in identical form on a number of different locations on the web. By spinning articles, each published version will be slightly different from the original and hence the duplicate content problem is reduced.

Article spinners vary in efficiency and complexity. Simple ones just replace words with synonyms and can get into a lot of trouble if the context is ambiguous. For example, an article about web traffic may end up with repeated references to cars instead of web visitors.

More sophisticated article spinners will replace whole phrases with new phrases of the same meaning and allow users to build up their own thesaurus of keywords and phrases too.

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