What is an Article Directory?
Internet Marketing Dictionary | Article Directories

Article directories are specialist websites that connect article writers with web publishers. Article writers use article marketing to generate web traffic and to boost their PageRank. Website owners users articles to increase the amount of content on their sites in order to attract more search engine traffic and to boost stickiness -  the time people spend on their sites.

Authors submit articles to article directories in a standard format. Importantly this will include a Signature

Publishers can then use these articles on their own websites provided that they keep any links within the articles intact. The basis of the exchange is that the author gets a link to his own site in return for providing free content to the web publisher.

There are many article directories on the internet now and whilst most provide a free services, some are charging. These directories tend to work on checking the quality of articles more carefully, something that some article free directories just don't do.

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