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Key concepts: Monetization

Part 3

Hello again

First an apology: there's a bit of math ahead today. Not a lot, but a bit.

Yesterday we looked at AdWords and learnt how AdSense is Google's AdWords syndication program that posts relevant AdWords ads on websites: ads about binoculars appear on web pages with information about binoculars on them.

It makes sense doesn't it. And remember that Google is fundamentally a search engine and what search engines do is work out what web pages are about. So Google is well-equipped to make a judgement about the content of a web page.

The first ever AdSense ad

Incidentally, the first ever AdSense ad appeared on a web page about unicycles! Some people in Google were testing the technology, installed some prototype AdSense code into the page and looked at it. And there were ads for Unicycles.










In the early days of AdSense, because AdWords was still quite new, there weren't always suitable ads to display on all sites. If no-one was advertising anything to do with mugs, then Google wouldn't be able to display relevant ads on a page about mugs. Luckily as AdWords has become so successful this problem has to a large extent gone away because there are nearly always relevant ads, whatever the topic.

Enough history though.

Today we are going to look at the factors that affect how much money you will get from Google if you sign up (and are accepted for) the AdSense program, paying detailed attention to those areas that are controllable - because many aren't.  Once you understand the monetization side of AdSense you will be better equipped to maximise your income.

Read on to find out about The AdSense revenue equation...

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