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Part 2

The Key difference between AdWords and AdSense

AdSense differs from AdWords in that Google, instead of looking at the search terms or keywords entered into its search box to determine what ads to show, looks at what keywords would be relevant to the web site the ads are to go on.


If you have a site rich in content about binoculars, AdSense technology determines that it would be an appropriate site to post AdWords ads about binoculars on. (Google uses its search engine technology to assess a site's content).

How you make money with AdSense

The process is simple.

You sign up for AdSense and if your site is accepted, (we'll cover this process later in the course) Google gives you some code to paste into your web pages. It's JavaScript stuff that you can simply add into the HTML of your page.

When someone views your page this JavaScript fetches ads from Google. If they then click on your ad, Google charges the advertiser a click through fee and shares it with you.

This is entirely automatic so if you have a content rich site with lots of traffic that is not currently making you any money, AdSense is something you should seriously consider. Now maximising this process is much harder and it raises what I call the content dilemma which we'll explore later too:

Is your site designed to earn AdSense revenue or is its main objective something else?

So that's the background to AdSense. Tomorrow we'll look at ways to maximise the amount of money that Google sends you.  There are two pretty complex processes going on behind the scenes that we will examine, paying particular attention to those things that are within your control. Not everything is!

Best wishes until then

William Charlwood

PS AdSense is not the only game in town. As a website owner all you need to do is register as a publisher with advertising networks like Clickbooth to get access to a range of ways of making money from your website's traffic.


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