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Part 1


First here's a link to an online presentation by Google about AdSense - the system that lets website owners make money automatically. This presentation is aimed at advertisers but it gives you some idea how seriously Google takes its AdSense program.

Let's get going.

AdSense is Google's syndication program for its AdWords advertisements so first up, you need to understand AdWords to make sense of AdSense.


AdWords are small text-only ads that often appear on the right hand side of Google's search results page when you do a search. Sometimes they appear at the top too.

They are extraordinarily powerful - MUCH more so than you'd think at first sight - for 4 reasons.

  1. They are 100% targeted: the advertiser chooses which keywords have to be entered before their ad is shown. This means that you can make your ad appear ONLY in front of people ACTIVELY LOOKING for information about a topic.

    You sell binoculars?  Then you can set up your AdWords ads so that they show up ONLY when someone enters "Binoculars" into Google's search box.

    You can also restrict your ad coverage to specific countries or even specific locations in specific countries. Furthermore you can control what time of day people get to see your ads and when they don't.
  2. You only pay for click throughs. If no one clicks on your ad you don't pay anything.
  3. When someone does click on your ad they get taken to your website. Note that they do not have to be taken to your home page. In fact if your ad is about a specific product that you sell, it is usually better to take the clicker directly to the page on your site about that product.
  4. Google lets advertisers rotate different ads for the same keywords and can automatically show the most effective ad more often. Thus there is an in-built survival of the fittest process going on where fitness is judged by real consumers voting in real time. This can provide advertisers with very important market research data because it tells you which wording or copy appeals the most to searchers.
  5. Google gives advertisers incredibly detailed near real-time response data so you can monitor and adjust your ads without wasting much money. 


So where does AdSense come in this?
Well, Google has taken their excellent AdWords program and extended it to non-Google web sites and branded it AdSense.

But there's a vital difference between AdWords and AdSense...

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